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B507 Blush Brush Round & Flat

Hair:Blue squirrel & GoatThe bristles are made from goat and blue squirrel, resilient yet still soft on your skin. This blusher brush has been especially designed for you to easily achieve natural coloring.
  • 残りわずか
  • ポイント2倍
  • オススメ
  • 限定品
Price: 9,900 JPY (including Tax)
Size and Color 
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Product Details

Use application Blusher
Hair Blue squirrel&Goat
Handle Wood/Black
Ferrule Nickel-plated brass
Size Bush length:(M)141mm, (L)156mm, (S)126mm Hair length:26mm Hair thickness:26mm
*The handle color for S and L size is only available in black.

The handle size variation

Our standard handle size has four color variations - Glossy black, Champagne gold, Silver and White. The longer handles for professional use and the shorter handles 'on the go', are only available in Glossy black.