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Kinoko Brush Vermillion

Hair:Goat& Synthetic fiberThe densely packed bristles pick up the desired amount of product to provide moderate to full coverage. Designed to deliver product to the contours of your face. Bristles blended with synthetic fiber help to maintain the brush shape and stabilize quality.
  • ポイント2倍
  • オススメ
  • 限定品
Price: 12,760 JPY (including Tax)


Product Details

Use application Powder, Blusher
Hair Goat&Synthetic fiber
Handle Wood/Vermillion
Size Bush length:67mm Hair length:43.0mm Hair thickness:29.0mm
With a full head of the luxury soft goat hair, our top-selling Kinoko brush range (commonly known under the name of a Kabuki brush) provides a medium to full application. The roundish and compact shape is cute and fun to carry, ideal when you are on the go.