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Leather Brush Case L

Professional leather brush case from HAKUHODO
High quality brush case made by Japanese craftman

High quality leather brush case hand made in Japan. Our goal of development as brush manufacturer was to store brushes without harming the tip of the brushes; and finally achieved with high quality. Outer material is made of soft cowhide. Lining can be wiped with water and is also easy to wipe powder off. It comes with 7 folders which open wide and the capacity is larger than it looks. Flap part is made with wider margin that usual for protection of the hair. You can store your brushes without harming the tip of the hair. You can use as tri-fold type or even as roll up type.
Made in Japan
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Price: 19,800 JPY (including Tax)
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Product Details

Our special brush cases come in various sizes and can store several brushes. Our Kinoko brushes or Fan brushes, excellent to use but not easily portable, can now be stored in their own special cases, making touch-ups on the go effortless!
Use application Special Brush Case
Material Cowhide, Polyurethane
Size 7 brush holders External size: approx. 465×230mm