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Transparent Soap Vermilion

High quality brush cleaner soapWe developed this transparent soap for the best maintenance of our brushes. We spent a long time to develop this simple and high quality soap without using any extra components. This soap does not dissolve too quickly but you can easily rinse off the foam with warm water; which is ideal function to cleanse the surface of the dirty brush. The size of 80G and 30G are available.
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Product Details

Usage Makeup Brush Cleaning
Size Net weight: 30g
Washing a makeup brush in proper way is very important but the best way to keep it in good condition is 'use a brush every day'!

[how to use Hakuhodo Brush Cleanser]
Soak the head of brush up to the ferrule with warm water. Wash the head by gently stroking on the form from the top of ferrule to the tip of the brush. When using this soap; please add warm water on the soap and with pal of your hand create a foam.
Please rinse it well. Soap remains cancause damages and discoloration of the hair.
Gently comb from the of the bristle and squeeze the brush with a towel then arrange the shape with your finger. Stand in a cup and dry it in the shade.

[Warning]*Please do not use this if you develop skin conditions or if you have skin abnormalities.*Avoid getting the products into your eyes or mouth.*If your skin develops redness/swelling/itchiness or other irritation; immediately stop using and please consult with a doctor. *Please lather the soap well with water/warm water before use. 。*Please keep soap out of water to avoid dissolving. *Our product is made of natural source. Although that may cause color and scent difference; it does not affect quality of the product. *Please do not use a hair dryer or put indirect sunlight to dry brushes. *Please avoid soak washing as it can cause damages such as bleeding the color/hair shedding and etc.