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Kinoko Brush GmA Round

Hair:GoatThis Kinoko brush has a great density and fully rounded shape which makes your makeup last longer. This small and light brush is perfect as an 'on the go' beauty tool. Recommended for brush/powder or highlight. You will get a sheer and full coverage finished by gentle application. Hairs are evenly appeared on entire surface which enables you to apply powders on your eye areas or nostrils well and has smooth texture with good fit with your skin.
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Product Details

Use application Powder, Blusher、Highlighter
Hair Goat
Handle Aluminum/matte-gold
Size Bush length:51mm Hair length:26mm Hair thickness:23.3mm
With a full head of the luxury soft goat hair, our top-selling Kinoko brush range (commonly known under the name of a Kabuki brush) provides a medium to full application and our fan brush can be used for both powder and finishing. The roundish and compact shape is cute and fun to carry, ideal when you are on the go.