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2021 Beginners Set

A set of five makeup brushes that allows you to apply makeup quickly, effortlessly, and precisely with a few gentle glides on your skin.

The handle with natural wooden grains in the light shade of Sakura pink presents the elegance of beauty.

Makes a perfect gift for somebody who begins a new start of life.

Use quality tools in your everyday routine to add a little joy to your life.

A special edition set with a limited number.

2021 Beginners Set

18,480JPY (including Tax)

Set Introduction

  1. Powder brush Goat&Synthetic fiber
    [Hair length: 40.0mm Total length:145.0mm]
    Our unique fan-shaped fluffy powder brush. The hair tips are arranged on the entire surface of the brush which helps to effortlessly achieve a flawless even finish.
  2. Blush brush Goat
    [Hair length:38.0mm Total length:143.0mm]
    One of our most standard blusher brushes. Carefully designed bristles hug cheekbones and deposit colors at soft and natural shades. Excellent controllability enables you to freely apply a blusher.
  3. Eyeshadow brush Goat
    [Hair length:16.0mm Total length: 131.0mm]
    An eyeshadow brush made of goat hair soft on your skin and provide great resilience. Produce great coloring and recommended to use for the upper eyelid area. Can be used with any types of products; liquid, cream base makeup, and even powder eyeshadows.
  4. Eyeshadow brush Goat&Synthetic fiber
    [Hair length: 6.3mm Total length: 121.3mm]
    Our basic eye shadow brush with great resilience and coloring. Can be used to easily draw eyeliner and to blend colors.
  5. Eyebrow brush Water badger
    [Hair length: 10.0mm Total length:120.0mm]
    A large eyebrow brush to effortlessly achieve a natural finish to your brows. Perfect for smudging colors all over the brow or shading off from the peak to the inner to have a sophisticated finish.
2021 Beginners Set

18,480JPY (including Tax)