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2020 Christmas Project

- Brightly colored with Sakura -

A makeup brush is a tool that is used daily that allows you to freely express yourself. Use to brighten up your makeup routine.

A makeup brush set with five basic brushes in a special edition design.

The Sakura-colored handle and ferrule is warm yet simple, and there is a Sakura motif engraved on the bottom of the handle which has a delicate shimmer. The pouch is made with a traditional Japanese metal clasp design. Store in the pouch to protect the brushes, and to use on the go. The Sakura pattern lining adds a unique detail.

The selection of five basic brushes requires no technique and is easy to use. The set includes a powder brush, a blush brush and three eyeshadow brushes. Includes our unique “Kebo” eyeshadow brush which applies an even and delicate layer of shimmer eyeshadow.

Add high quality makeup brushes to your daily routine to create a natural and long-lasting finish with minimal effort.

The Sakura Noel Set comes in a special edition design, with a limited number in stock.

2020 Christmas Project - SAKURA Noël Set

18,040JPY (including Tax)

Set Introduction

  1. Powder Brush : Goat & Synthetic Fiber
    [Hair length: 50.0mm Total length: 170.0mm]
    One of our most popular powder brushes due to its basic shape and full brush head. Easily fits around the eyes and the nose. The natural tips of the hair cover the entire face of the brush. Lay the brush flat against the skin and gently slide from the center of the face outward. Applies an even layer of powder that is firmly adhered to the skin, creating a luminous complexion and long-lasting finish.
  2. Blush Brush Round & Flat : Goat & Synthetic Fiber
    [Hair length: 46.0mm Total length: 166.0mm]
    The length and shape of the brush adds a soft and natural coloring to the cheeks. Lay the brush flat against the skin and gently slide over the cheek to easily create a natural gradation of color. Goat hair, which has good resilience, is blended with a small amount of synthetic fiber to help maintain the shape of the brush.
  3. Eyeshadow Brush : Goat & Synthetic Fiber
    [Hair length: 18.0mm Total length: 153.0mm]
    A brush originally inspired by Kebo brushes that are used with gold leaf in traditional Japanese crafts. Use around the eyes and the nose. Goat hair is resilient and creates bright color. The fluffy and sparse hair tips are crafted specifically for applying an even and minimal application and is recommended for lamé and pearl eyeshadows for a delicate finish.
  4. Eyeshadow Brush : Goat
    [Hair length: 11.5mm Total length: 146.5mm]
    An eyeshadow brush for the upper eyelid. First apply close to the eye to concentrate color and blend upward to create a gradation of color. Adds natural coloring and dimension to the eyes. Can also be used to smudge and blend color.
  5. Eyeshadow Brush : Horse
    [Hair length: 6.3mm Total length: 141.3mm]
    A shadow liner brush which adds definition along the lash line. Use the wide brush face to pack eyeshadow firmly onto the lid and use upright to apply eyeliner with the top edge of the brush. The short hair creates a stable and strong application. May be used with liquid or gel eyeliner, and cream eyeshadow as goat hair is resilient against oil and water. Also recommended for the eyebrows.
  6. Exclusive Metal Clasp Pouch
    [Approximately 95x210x20mm]
    A pouch which opens with a simple twist and is true to traditional Japanese design. Protects and stores even voluminous brushes.
2020 Christmas Project - SAKURA Noël Set

18,040JPY (including Tax)