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2020 Summer Project
Summer Essentials Set

An exclusive three-piece brush set to enjoy makeup in summer. This set makes a beautiful gift to express feelings of gratitude, and also makes a great treat for yourself.

The set includes a powder brush, an eyeshadow brush and an eyebrow brush.

Add a little joy to your everyday makeup routine with quality tools. This is a limited-edition set.

2020 Summer Project - Summer Essentials Set

7,480JPY (including Tax)

Set Introduction

  1. Blush Brush: Synthetic fiber
    [Hair Length: 38.0mm Totdal Length: 143.0mm]
    A round and fluffy blush brush. Use with a soft touch on the skin, applying first where you would like to concentrate the color and slowly stroke the brush outwards. Use along the cheekbone to apply contour or highlighter.
    Recommended Use: Powder blush, cream blush, contour, highlighter
  2. Eyeshadow Brush: Synthetic fiber
    [Hair Length: 15.0mm Totdal Length: 130.0mm]
    Each individual hair has good elasticity, creating a resilient touch. Pick up a light layer of eyeshadow with the flat face of the brush, and gently place onto the eyelid. Tap over the eyelid to blend and fix the eyeshadow. Creates a bright application of eyeshadow and a long-lasting finish.
    Recommended Use: Eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, concealer
  3. Eyebrow Brush: Horse
    [Hair Length: 7.0mm Total Length: 122.0mm]
    A large eyebrow brush. Use with gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth to recreate individual hairs. Using a powder eyebrow product creates a long-lasting finish, especially in warmer months. Can be used to line the eye by placing eyeshadow along the roots of the eyelashes.
    Recommended Use: Eyebrow, Eyeshadow
2020 Summer Project - Summer Essentials Set

7,480JPY (including Tax)