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2020 Beginners Set
Spring Set

A set of four makeup brushes in a limited-edition design that allows you to effortlessly apply makeup for a flawless finish.

A set of basic brushes with resilient hair material have been selected to create a luminescent finish. The elegant white pearlescent handle with a pink gold touch is a limited edition design.

Makes a perfect gift for somebody special, or a treat for yourself. Add a little joy to your everyday routine with quality makeup brushes. A special edition set with a limited number.

2020 Beginners Set - Spring Set

15,290JPY (including Tax)

Set Introduction

  1. Powder brush Goat (Hair length: 45.0mm Total Length: 160.0mm)
    The angled shape fits along areas such as the side of the nose and around the eyes. The hair tips are arranged along the entire brush face and the brush is full, so you can apply an even layer of powder firmly to the entire face and create a luminous finish. Goat hair has good resilience and creates bright color.
  2. Blush Brush Goat&Synthetic Fiber (Hair length: 40.0mm Total length: 145.0mm)
    A blush brush with a rounded shape. The hair tips fit smoothly against the skin, enabling you to easily create a beautiful gradation of color. Can be used for highlighting and contouring too.
  3. Eyeshadow Brush Goat (Hair length: 11.5mm Total Length: 126.5mm)
    A basic eyeshadow brush which is easy for anybody to use. The shape has been carefully created to apply an even gradation of color upon application.
  4. Eyeshadow Brush Horse (Hair length: 7.0mm Total Length: 122.0mm)
    An eyeshadow brush using resilient horse hair. The short hair gives stability upon application and strong color application. Ideal for applying dark eyeshadow along the lash line. Can be used on the side to blend color and create a gradation.
2020 Beginners Set - Spring Set

15,290JPY (including Tax)