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2018 Christmas
Grace Set

An easy to use set of five basic brushes of which the hair type and shapes are tweaked versions of existing products. Comes in a special limited edition design.

The pearlescent handle which sparkles like champagne bubbles changes its expression depending on the angle. The design is subtle yet has an elegant beauty.

This set is easy to use, and allows you to create a soft, elegant make-up look as well as a more intense, glamorous look depending on the occasion.

The eye-catching red pouch adds a final beautiful touch to the set.

2018 Christmas Grace Set

26,784JPY (including Tax)

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Set Introduction

  1. Powder 【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 40.0mm, Total length: 165.0mm】
    A basic powder brush with slightly short hairs provides good resilience. Slide the top of the bristles against the skin gently to apply an even, seamless application of powder. Ideal for use with powder foundation and loose powder.
  2. Blush 【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 42.0mm, Total length: 167.0mm】
    An easy to control blush brush that can create a natural finish as well as a stronger application of blush. It is gentle against the skin but has good resilience.
  3. Eye shadow  【Hair type: Synthetic Fiber, Hair length: 15.5mm, Total length: 140.5mm】
    The bristles shaped like a fingertip prevents powder fall out and creates a beautiful application of shimmery and pearlescent base colors. Can be used with cream or liquid eyeshadows. Also can be used for highlighting around the eye area and for concealer.
  4. Eye shadow  【Hair type: Blue squirrel, Hair length: 8.5mm, Total length: 133.5mm】
    The perfect hair length and bristle thickness creates a stable color application. Using the hair ends and width of the brush, you can create a gradation of color from the lash line up to the eye socket.
  5. Shadow Liner 【Hair type: Blue squirrel& Horse, Hair length: 5.5mm, 130.5mm】
    The pointed hair tips allow an easy application of dark shadow liner along the lash line. The resilient horse hair blended with soft squirrel hair creates a texture which can be used to easily draw a natural shadow liner.
  6. Exclusive Pouch
    A Pouch with the popular metal clasp design. Opens and closes at a touch and is convenient to compactly carry the brushes.
2018 Christmas Grace Set

26,784JPY (including Tax)

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