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2018 Second sun screen Brush Project

As we had great success with our first sun screen project, we are releasing a second product.
As we approach summer, UV rays are gradually strengthening every day.
We have designed a beautiful new handle for our innovative sun screen brush, allowing you to easily protect your skin from the sun.
This fantastic brush can be used for a variety of liquid and cream products other than sun screen.
A limited edition brush.

Sun screen Brush/F3521WhCoSM

2,700JPY (including Tax)

Product Introduction

  1. Sun screen brush/F3521 WhCoSM  Synthetic Fiber [Hair length; 28.00mm Full length; 133.0mm]
    A fan brush that excels in the fast and even application of sun screen, as well as liquid or cream foundations. This brush allows you to apply a remarkably smaller amount of product compared to applying with the fingers to create a natural, luminous finish. Apply a small amount of product onto the upper surface of the brush and gently tap into the skin.
Sun screen Brush/F3521WhCoSM

2,700JPY (including Tax)