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2018 Mother’s Day Set

This set makes a beautiful gift for someone special to express gratitude.
It also makes a great treat for yourself.

This two brush set includes a soft fan-shaped powder brush and an eye shadow brush.
Simply sweep over the skin gently to create the finish you desire.
The handle is dyed into a deep blue color.
The set comes with a case that is perfect for travelling.
As brushes are tools that are used daily, we believe in using the highest quality brushes.
This set is limited edition.

2018 Mother’s Day Set

10,476JPY (including Tax)

Set Introduction

  1. Powder Brush Blue Squirrel & Goat [Hair length; 28.0mm, Full length 133.0mm]
    The relatively short hairs and the angled shape allow you to use this brush in small areas such as around the eyes and the nose. The shape is relatively small, allowing you to use this brush for blush as well as for powder. The large face of the brush allows you to create an even, fast application of powder.
  2. Eyeshadow Brush Blue Squirrel & Goat [Hair length; 14.5mm, Full length; 114.5mm]
    The round angled shape of the brush fits perfectly in the contours of the eyelid, allowing for an easy application and blending of eyeshadow. The moderate resilience creates a flawless application of product.
2018 Mother’s Day Set

10,476JPY (including Tax)