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Hakuhodo Portable Kokutan mini set

Hakuhodo has developed this set specially for those who need small brushes, ideal for when you are on the go. All the brush lengths are less than 9 cm!

The size may be small but the performance is big! We have not reduced the amount of hair and maintain the capability of the bristles, ensuring the same performance and quality as all other Hakuhodo brushes.

The Handle is made of gorgeous ebony wood which will become more polished as you use it and has been designed for true comfort and balance.
The blush brush is made of 100% blue squirrel and you will find it incredibly soft on your skin.
One of our Hakuhodo brush cases is included in the price of this mini set.

Hakuhodo Portable Kokutan mini set

29,376JPY (including Tax)

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Personalize your brush set by having your name engraved on the handles - Uniquely yours!

(Note)*Engraving a name per handle - 157 JPY (including Tax)

  • *The handles of this set are shorter than other Hakuhodo brushes therefore the number of letters are limited as follows.
    Only 3 letters possible for two-byte character
    Only 6 letters possible for half size character

  1. 1. Blush brush, Blue squirrel (Hair length: 30.0mm Brush length: 89.0mm)
    Ultra-soft and extremely smooth to the touch.
    This fluffy dome shape brush is excellent for accentuating your eye socket bone and picks up more product to provide moderate to full coverage.
    The bristles made of 100% blue squirrel have little spring and less durability so we recommend you hold the brush flat to your skin in order not to damage the hairs.
  2. 2. Eye shadow (shadow base) brush, Blue squirrel (Hair length:20.0mm Brush length:83.0mm)
    Easy to use for anyone, this standard eye shadow brush is good for highlighting on the upper eyelid area.
  3. 3. Eye shadow brush, Pine squirrel & North American Squirrel (Hair length:11.5mm Brush length: 74.5mm)
    Ideal for blending colors on the hollow of the upper eyelid.
  4. 4. Eye shadow (shadow liner) brush, Horse & Blue squirrel (Hair length: 10.0mm Brush length: 73.0mm)
    This brush can be used to naturally smudge eyeliner and for blending colors.
    The combination of resilient horse hair and ultra-soft blue squirrel is exceptional.
  5. 5. Eye shadow (shadow liner) brush, Weasel (Hair length: 6.3mm Brush length: 69.3mm)
    Ideal for smudging colors on both corners of your eye and lining your eye with gel liner
    The bristles made of weasel work perfectly with any type of product - liquid, cream and even powder.
  6. 6. Eye brow brush, Water badger (Hair length:6.0mm Brush length:69.0mm)
    The bristles made of water badger apply color to the eyebrow to create a natural finish.
    Fill the brow with color using short strokes, then smudge color to create a softer look by using remaining color in the bristles.
  7. Lip brush, Weasel & Synthetic fiber (Hair length: 11.5mm Brush length: 74.5mm)
    The extra large bristles made up of a mix of weasel and synthetic fiber are unusual but excellent in performance and have been skillfully designed.
  8. Special portable case (Size: 115x80x50㎜) color: Champagne gold and chocolate brown
    The portable case of this mini set is cushioned to prevent damage to the brushes.
    It contains three brush holders and a zip-up pocket.
    It has an adjustable strap that can be tied to fasten and secure the case when closed.

How to use a brush - one word of advice

Since the handles of this mini set are so short, you might feel they are hard to control

The correct way (as shown in the photo to the right) is to hold the brush flat to your face.
This means you will not damage the hairs yet be able to obtain natural and beautiful blending of colors.

Plus something achieve an impeccable, flawless finish!

Kokutan Saikoho Kinoko brush large

can be stored in the portable case of this mini set!

29,376JPY (including Tax)

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