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Po810Pb Enameled Slim&Long Portable Case Pk & Be

For those who want to carry a couple of makeup brushes safely.
This brush case can hold bigger brushes such as powder or blusher and smaller brushes, such as eye shadow or lip can be stored in the left hand pocket. As the pocket is two-ply it can hold quite a few small items, such as cotton buds, puffs or tweezers. It opens very wide and has a protective plastic sheet to cover the bristles. Made of water-resistant material so it can easily be wiped clean.
  • オススメ
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Product Details

Use application Portable Case
Material Outer material:Artificial leather  Lining material:Polyurethane
Size 4 brush holders and 4 pockets External size: approx. 205×95×25
Our portable brush cases are made of water-resistant material so they can easily be wiped clean. Inside, makeup residue left by makeup brushes can also be cleaned easily as the cases open wide.