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Makeup Brushes

Pro Lip Brush M

Hair:KolinskyCarefully crafted by our artisans, the traditional Japanese lip brush has the same manufacturing process as our Menso brush (for doll’s face). In particular the hair tips in these bristles have good spring and provide moderate resilience. Therefore lip color can be applied smoothly to create a beautifully defined pout. The cone-shaped and densely packed bristles do the work for you, this is a must-have brush!
  • ポイント2倍
  • オススメ
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Product Details

Use application Lip, Eyeliner
Hair Kolinsky
Handle Wood/Vermillion
Ferrule Chrome-plated brass/black
Size Bush length:175mm Hair length:15.0mm Hair thickness:4.0mm
The traditional Japanese makeup brushes that Hakuhodo continue to manufacture are perfect for use in our everyday lives, as an excellent and handy makeup tool.

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