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Fudebako Vol. 24

Biannual magazine published by Hakuhodo.
  • ポイント2倍
  • オススメ
Price: 1,980 JPY (including Tax)

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[November 25, 2011] Fudebako Vol. 24 is now for sale.
1,890 JPY (including TAX and shipping)

■The feature “Shellfish Products”
The 122 pages feature fun stories of a long-term relationship between humans and shellfish such as‘shell mounds',‘Raden- designs in mother of pearl inlay',
‘shellfish recipes’,'Noshiawabi- a thin string of dried abalone often tied to a gift',‘pearls’and‘shell buttons'.
In the pages of Raden, you will see many detailed photos showing the manufacturing processes of various products with design in mother of pearl inlay.
This edition also includes 34 pages on Kokichi Mikomoto, the founder of MIKIMOTO, who became the first in the world to successfully culture a pearl.

■The secret story of boiled abalone as the Koshu specialty - Written by Yuka Sano /Photographed by Eri Tatara

■Strolling in Eisenstadt and Saltzburg

■Fudebako ARCHIVES- Vol.4 Bamboo made in Kyoto.
Fudebako ARCHIVES are in the special edition, re-edited and enlarged the feature stories appeared in our previous volumes and all written in English to spread them to the world.
This Vol. features the story of the manufacturing process of Kyo-meichiku, the art of making bamboo poles and how the people in Kyoto treat bamboo while they take care of bamboo groves

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