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Fudebako Vol. 22

Biannual magazine published by Hakuhodo.
  • ポイント2倍
  • オススメ
Price: 1,980 JPY (including Tax)

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[October 25, 2010] Fudebako Vol. 22 is now for sale.
1,890 JPY (including TAX and shipping)

■The Feature “Dolls”
134 pages, all making a feature of traditional Japanese dolls across the country- the master craftsmen of hina dolls made in Kyoto, Fushimi clay dolls, dolls in the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival in Fukuoka or in the Hikiyama-matsuri Festival held in Jyohana, Toyama prefecture- rediscovering their charm and the deep relationship with Japanese people. Furthermore, this edition features the Living National Treasure for doll making, Komao Hayashi and his traditional lifestyle in Kyoto that was reported on throughout the year.
■The Japanese snack cake NINGYO-YAKI (which translates to “fried dolls”) was born in Ningyocho
The must-have souvenir in Tokyo, Ningyo-yaki is a Shichifukujin (seven gods of good luck) shaped sponge cake containing bean paste. Ningyo-yaki Honpo Itakuraya, the popular Ningyo-yaki shop, friendly talk why it has been loved for years.
■The story of Michiyo Hata, the founder of the Japanese dance troupe “Kikunokai”
Featuring Michiyo Hata (her stage name; Kikunori Onoe), passionately disseminating the traditional Japanese dancing to the world and also displaying great ability as a choreographer in the Kurosawa film, and her life and activities with various photos.
■Fudebako ARCHIVES- Vol.2 Kushi-matsuri, in Gion, Kyoto
Fudebako ARCHIVES are in the special edition, re-edited and enlarged the feature stories appeared in our previous volumes and all written in English to spread them to the world.
This Vol. features a beautiful festival in Kyoto, called Kushi-matsuri (Comb Festival) where 40-odd women parade through the town of Gion, each dressed in a costume and wearing hairstyles and makeup drawn from different period of times, from the ancient era to the modern age.

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