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Fudebako Vol. 20

Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.
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[September 10, 2009] Fudebako Vol. 20 is now for sale.
1,890 JPY (including TAX and shipping)

■The Feature “TAKAKI BAKERY”
TAKAKI BAKERY was founded in Hiroshima soon after it was devastated by the A-bomb and is now steadily expanding their business, having their own brands such as“ANDERSEN”or“LITTLE MERMAID”. They maintain their unique company policy where they should offer fun eating and rich life through delicious bread making. The 110 pages feature their corporate philosophy, store operation and personnel training that continues to support it.
■Today’s snack time is a sweet bun!
A cake looks like a bun, a bun looks like a cake. Amashoku-pan (which translates to sweet bun) born in Japan has been long loved due to its taste and lovely roundish shape. Meigetsudo in Tokyo, founded in 1892 talks about the traditional way of making his Amashoku-pan.
■Two Champagne makers make two different types of taste
Only sparkling wines made in the Champagne region of France can be named as Champagne. Let’s see the different types of manufacturing philosophies and styles, TAITTINGER takes pride in its tradition and prestigious form while Nicolas Feuillatte produces Champagne in a modern way. Written by Satoru Udagawa, a critic acquainted with French cuisine culture.
■Okonomiyaki (savory pancake with various ingredients) in Hiroshima
Hiroshima people believe that the original home of Okonomiyaki is…Hiroshima (not Osaka)! It includes cabbage, noodles, fried squid, etc., very nutritious and delicious!

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